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Integrated Financial Omnibus Metrics Research of International Corporate Systems

INFOMERICS Valuation and Rating Private Limited is a SEBI registered and RBI accredited Credit Rating Agency was conceived and instituted by a team of erudite and experienced professionals with rich experience in Finance, Banking and Administrative service.  Maintaining high standards of moral rectitude, the free & fair analysis and evaluation of credit worthiness & Ratings of Banks, NBFCs, Large Corporates and Small and Medium Scale Units (SMUs) provides a deep insight to Investors & Financial Institutions to assimilate every nuance of their financial strength. Infomerics plays a key role in serving the financial market by minimizing information asymmetry amongst lenders & investors and facilitating borrowers/issuers to various fund-raising opportunities/avenues.

With Mr. Vipin Malik a professional Chartered Accountant as the Mentor, adherence probity & propriety is the driving force behind all our successful activities. The younger generation show ardor in learning from the wealth of experience of the Mentor & Board members.  High ethical standards and transparency being of prime importance, we maintain full and comprehensive record of every client with regular updates.  Our credit Rating has enabled several smaller and mid-sized firms scale up to next generation large size firms.

With ever changing scenario of financial market, it is imperative to be abreast with latest updates. Infomerics has a dedicated team of economists and financial experts who conduct various studies regularly and present papers which has received widespread acknowledgement. We take pride that we are the only company where Credit Ratings are carried out by a team of autonomous committee independent of the Board of Directors. To mitigate human error, the inputs for rating are generated by a software developed inhouse. In sync with the technological advancement, artificial intelligence analysis with the ability to even predict probability of default are a guiding factor. 

Infomerics has its Registered Office at New Delhi with a pan India presence and ambitious expansion of going global.

To ensure quality standards of rating, research and information service products comparable on a global scale. To offer a range of high-quality services to all the stakeholders in the capital and money market.

To apply credible tools & techniques on the most updated IT platform in order to deliver top quality end products. To earn customer satisfaction and investor confidence through sincere and professional excellence.

To build a pre-eminent position in India in securities analysis, research and information services in order to become a global rating agency.

To remain deeply committed to our internal and external stakeholders.



To be an honorable company providing transparent, value added information and rating services to its clients.

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